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Amobia Communications
Amobia Communications
Amobia Communications
Amobia Communications

Connecting Everyone

Amobia Communications

Wireless Broadband & Business Solutions, Gated Services & Hotspots


Amobia was established in 2003 and is 100% South African owned and operated. The company was started in order to address the very real lack of reliable, cost effective, 24/7 broadband Internet connectivity at the time, and has expanded into a company which offers a variety of Internet and connectivity solutions.

Our commitment to research and development has kept us at the forefront of technology and has enabled us to implement sustainable, affordable Internet, telephony and wide area network services across South Africa.

Our services range from home users and businesses looking for alternatives to fixed line Internet access, to Gated Estates wanting to offer holistic solutions to their residents and provide all their telecommunications needs under one roof.

Amobia also services large blue-chip corporates looking for fibre alternatives especially where there is a need for quick deployment solutions.

Amobia have a point of presence in many cities in South Africa, including Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, East London, and surrounding regions in each province. This together with our 24 hour manned Call Centre, allows us to deliver unprecedented service excellence to our customers nationwide.

Our focus remains customer-centric and we believe that we are able to achieve this through our personal approach with all of our customers.


Ranging from home users looking for a cost effective alternative to dialup Internet access, to large blue-chip corporates looking to save money by replacing their existing Diginet lines, the Amobia client base is vast and varied. We have customized solutions to meet the needs of every individual and organization. Amobia have a point of presence in many cities in South Africa, including Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, East London, and surrounding regions in each province. From these nodes, we distribute a vast array of broadband services, catered to each individual’s requirements. This presence in each of our primary focus cities allows us to offer the very best of service to our customers with regard to callouts and physical maintenance at the client premises.




Products & Services

Amobia is proud to be associated with the following organizations:

Internet Service Providers Association of South Africa (ISPA)
- Amobia is registered as a “Medium Member”

Wireless Access Providers Association (WAPA)
- Amobia is a founding member of this association

Film and Publications Board
- Amobia is a registered member

Trade World
- Amobia is registered with this organization

Amobia is registered with Afrinic and are an IP address and ASN number assignee.

Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA)
- Licensee of the organization

National African Federated Chamber of Commerce and Industry (N.A.F.C.O.C)


Amobia is a Wireless Infrastructure Provider focusing on last-mile access and private network infrastructure for companies. It has clients such as Pick ‘n Pay, MWeb, T-Systems, University of Cape Town, and many more. It was one of the suppliers of access services to the FIFA 2010 World Cup.

Its services include:

  • Managed Last-Mile Wireless in Western Cape, Gauteng, Eastern Cape 
  • Private Network Infrastructure
  • Fully managed Indoor/Outdoor hotspot solution (incl voucher management, payment gateways, roaming, billing, etc) 
  • Wireless Broadband

Other projects/clients we are involved with are

  • Buh-Rein Estate in CPT – Exclusivity to supply Voice and Internet Services to 3500 residents within the Estate
  • Sitari Fields Lifestyle Estate – Exclusivity to supply Voice and Internet Services to 5000 residents within the Estate
  • Century City – Supply Voice and Internet Services to residents within the Estate

Reseller Partnerships

  • Frogfoot Networks
  • Mweb
  • Webcall
  • Vox Telecoms

Connecting Everyone

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