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In a continuously changing environment, your Wealth Management strategy needs to extend beyond borders.

Balamory understands the ever-changing global and socio-economic landscape. Our focus, technical knowledge and dedication allow us to manage your wealth across borders and continents.


An effective Wealth Management strategy requires long-term perspective.


It should be tailored to meet your specific needs, taking into account your investments, retirement and estate planning. 

With this in mind, Balamory delivers independent advisory services specialising in offshore investment and asset protection advice, encompassing reliable retirement, estate and succession planning.

With a thorough understanding of international tax legislation and the structuring of offshore investment opportunities, we have established ourselves as advisors of choice to highly successful individuals and families.

We pride ourselves in offering personalised, uncomplicated, cost effective and tax efficient service. 

We offer bespoke structures designed specifically for the South African resident who wishes to invest funds offshore, using their current offshore allowance, or as a vehicle to consolidate existing offshore assets with considerable tax and cost benefits.


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