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LOCAL TIME: 02:53 am | Tuesday, 17 January
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Health, Medical & Pharmaceutical

Dr Francois du Toit Registered Naturopath and Iridologist in George, Western Cape

I am a registered Naturopath under the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa [AHPCSA]. I specialize in Iridology and the use of Natural Medicine to treat and prevent disease. I am also registered with the Board of Healthcare Funders (BHF) which is necessary for patients to apply for reimbursement from their medical aid schemes.

As a Registered Naturopath and Iridologist I assist the body in healing itself by using only Natural Medicine and the following therapies:

*Nutritional recommendations and dietary changes

*Natural Medicine

*Iridology (the study of the iris to determine genetic weaknesses of organs and glands)


*DPPT (Deep Pressure Point Therapy) – a form of therapeutic massage

*Counselling and lifestyle modification

*The ability to integrate these therapies with conventional medical therapies when appropriate.

My Qualifications are:

*BSc (Complementary Health Sciences)

*B Complementary Medicine (Naturopath)

*Registered Naturopath (A11248)

*Modern Iridology (South African Iridology Institute) – Cum Laude

Find more information about me on my LinkedIn profile page:

Keywords: Natural Medicine ; Alternative Medicine ; Naturopath ; Iridology ; Iridologist ; Naturopathic Doctor ; Naturopathy ; Registered

Automotive – Motor Vehicles | Jobs | Work Wanted

Soek voltyds/tydelike werk, beryt om oortyd en naweke te werk. Het my prakties by stanmar motors voltooi. Het ook ondervinding van stoorman en rekenaar herstel(IT). Ek leer baie vinnig.