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St Bernard’s Hospice

Founded by you, the East London Public, in 1991

St Bernard St Bernard St Bernard

St Bernard’s Hospice, East London

St Bernard’s Hospice provides palliative care and support to patients (adults and children) diagnosed with a life threatening illness such as Cancer, Motor Neuron Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, HIV/AIDS, Multi Drug Resistant TB etc, as well as emotional support and counselling to their families, which extends into the bereavement period for family members. We visit patients in their homes in all the communities in ­­East London.  The number of times we visit a patient depends on the patient’s condition and needs. 

On average, we provide direct home based palliative care and counselling to 400 patients per month in their homes.  On admitting a patient to St Bernard’s Hospice’s, we adopt the whole family and therefore do not only take care of the patient, but the entire household. On average, each patient has five family members and therefore we reach approximately 2000 people per month. This includes infected, affected and vulnerable children.

There is a big misconception that patients go to hospice to die.  On the contrary, hospice is for the living where we focus on enhancing the quality of life and may also positively influence the course of the illness.

Being a Non-Profit Organization, we do not turn patients away when they are in need of our care and do not have the financial means to contribute towards the care we provide.   We do receive some funding from the Provincial Department of Health;  Department of Social Development and corporate social investment programs of big national companies, but this funding is for our HIV+patients only.  As such, we rely heavily on our own local fundraising efforts for our i.e. Cancer & Motor Neuron Disease patients.  Due to our passion to provide a quality and sustainable service to our patients, we also participate physically in raising the necessary funds to provide this much needed service.

Please support St Bernard’s Hospice – it is your hospice, founded by yourselves in 1991. We thank you for your continued support – please accept our most sincere gratitude.

 NPO Number: 004-127
Public Benefit Organisation: 130003162
Section 21A Company: 91/02129/08

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Founded by you, the East London Public, in 1991

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